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Ozaki beef is from Miyazaki Prefecture,Southern part of Japan. It was less than 2 hours from Tokyo by Air. It is refers to the Wagyu cattle raised in the farm that owned by Mr. Muneharu Ozaki. He is also the only farmer in Japan that actually markets his own beef by using his name.


Mr. Ozaki decided to produce his beef in Japan after he had studying the most advanced techniques relating to beef cattle production at a farm in USA. His motive is to produce the beef that he and his family and friends can enjoy eating everyday. He duly took over a farm and started by raising 100 cattle, after more than 30 yrs of effort, he was finally satisfied by the flavor of his beef, and named it as “Ozaki Beef”.

Most of the Wagyu in Japan and slaughtered at around 28 months.However, Mr.Ozaki believes that the flavor continues to improve as they become mature. So he slaughtered them at 32-34 months.

Instead of grading the beef by the marbling, colour and fat. Mr. Ozaki is much into the real taste of beef. He want to produce the beef that is flavoursome, easily digested so that you can eat the whole slab of beef without being overwhelmed by its richness.

The fresh milk that we used for dessert is from Shinmura Farm, Hokkaido. Which currently handled by the fourth generation of Shinmura family. The Shinmura family believes to produce the natural and delicious milk, they need to ensure that the cow is staying in the stress-free environment.

The cows at Shinmura farm are outside all year round except during milking time. They do not have the stress of being tied in a small cowshed; they eat as much tasty grass as their bodies need, and their bodies are toned through being free to move in a large area. 

The dairy farming is only made possible by working in harmony with the natural ecosystems present in this place. Shinmura family believes that it is responsibility both to society and to nature to ensure that environmental impact is kept as low as possible.

The fresh milk was squeezed and delivered to Singapore in the next day. Please enjoy it!!

Ozaki Beef (Miyazaki)

Tokachi Fresh Milk (Hokkaido)


Executive Chef Hirohashi Nobuaki started helping out as his father’s sushi restaurant in Osaka at the tender age of nine.   His insatiable curiosity about the culinary field led to countless hours of experiments and discoveries from his father’s cookbook.


As a perfectionist, he insists on only the freshest ingredients of each season. His morning routine in Japan sees him discussing the freshest catch and choice cuts with fishmongers and butchers alike. These become wonderful meals for his guests.


Chef Hirohashi Nobuaki practiced his skill in well-known Kaiseki restaurant in Japan. After which, he opened his own restaurant in Osaka called Unshin. Highly acclaimed by local media and culinary experts, he ran the restaurant for another seven years. With a passion to share his culinary joys beyond Japanese shores, his foray into Singapore now allows us to enjoy this delightful experience. 

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​Tuesday to Friday: 12pm to 2:30pm (1:15pm L/O)



Monday to Saturday: 6pm to 10:30pm (8:00pm L/O)




​57, Tras Street, Singapore, 078996, #01-01

Whatsapp: +65 9643 5564   Email:

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50 Best Discovery 2019


"2 stars" Award By Singapore Top Restaurant 2018/2019

"Best Dinner Experience (Asian)"  and  "Award of Excellence" By The Peak and G Restaurant Award 2018

​"Award of Excellence" By The Peak and G Restaurant Award 2017

"2 Stars" Award By Singapore Top Restaurant 2017/2018

"Award of Excellence" By The Peak and G Restaurant Award 2016

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Set Lunch $180++

Omakase Lunch $250++


Ushidoki Course $350++

Omakase Dinner $480++

Non-beef menu is available with 3 days advanced order.

Dinner menu is available during lunch with pre-ordered in advanced.

* Please note that seating preference are not guarantee

* Should you cancel /postponed your reservation or reduce party size less than 48hrs from your booking date. The cancellation fee applies regardless any conditions:

Cancellation charges (Less Than 48hrs)

lunch at $100 per pax

Dinner at $200 per pax 

Cancellation On the Day/ No Show

100% of Selected Course Menu


Corkage Fee

Sake or wine

Magnum Sake/Magnum Wine/Hard Liquor

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